Booking FAQs


We are excited for your interest to perform with the Providence Improv Guild (PIG).

Here are some answers to our more frequently asked questions! Please read this all the way through.

Any additional questions can be directed to our Booking Coordinator at

Can I reserve a space to practice at PIG?

Details coming soon!


How do I book a slot for my team?

  1. Email with the following
    1. Team Name and description
    2. Available date(s) you have to perform
    3. Name, email, and phone information for your team’s main contact
    4. Special Show requests such as specific time slot (see time slot information below) or tech needs
  2. The Booking Coordinator will respond by email to either confirm the date selected or to work with you to set up another date.
    1. A date is not considered officially booked until you receive the confirmation email.
  3. A reminder email will be sent to your team’s contact during the week of your performance.
    1. If, for whatever reason, you do not receive one of these emails, please email to confirm your performance.

That simple!

Can I Call/Facebook/Snapchat/KnowAGuy, etc. to book a time slot with you?

No, you MUST email your request to

Until you get a return email confirming your booking, you are not booked.  This, in our experience, keeps communication clear.  Remember, unless it is in an email through the PIG system it didn’t happen.

I spoke to (fill in the blank) and they told me that I could get (fill in date and time).  Am I on the schedule?

No, you MUST email your request to

We are glad you know someone in our community and want to perform with us! However, unless you communicate your request by email with the Booking Coordinator, you are not on the schedule.

I want this date and time, can I have it?

Dates requested are not guaranteed.

We have to compare your request dates with our current schedule of shows and special events. In general, the earlier you request your show date, the more likely we can accommodate you.

I need to cancel, what do I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible by emailing so we can get moving on filling the open space in the schedule.

We are sorry you cannot make it. Please stay in contact to schedule another night that will work for you.

We appreciate you doing everything in your power to make it to your show. We understand that life happens which can cause the need for cancellations, and in this case we appreciate your prompt contact.

What happens the night of the performance?

First off, congratulations!  We can’t wait to see you perform. Prior to performing:

  1. You will get a check-in email during the week before the show.
  2. Our address is 95 Empire St., at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island
    1. There is street parking available. There is also a parking garage located at 179 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903.
  3. Shows begin at 7pm and 9pm. Your team will need to arrive no later than 15 minutes before your show time.
  4. Upon your arrival, you will check in with our Door and Host volunteers
    1. The Door will provide you with a space to warm-up
    2. The Host will confirm
      1. Allotted set time and show order
      2. End set warning signals (ex: signal with 5 minutes left)
      3. Set ending needs (ex: blackout, calling own set, number of games)
      4. Any other needs
  5. The Host will check in periodically during warm-up to field any needs as well as providing time checks until the show starts
  6. You and your team put on an amazing show, yay!
  7. You go home and email our Booking Coordinator to set up your next show! We would LOVE to book you again. Thanks for coming.

What time slots are available?

Show Structure:

  • Opening Act(s)
      • One (1) group performs a 20-30 minute set
        • Two (2) groups each perform 10-15 minute sets
      1. Headliner
          • Our nightly House Team performs a 20-30 minute set
          1. End of Show Break
              • Standard end of show, audience can leave or stay for the Post Show
              1. Post Show
                  • Open Jam - 10-15 minute set
                    • Experienced, student, and brand new improvisors


                        • New Team Workout - 10 minute set
                          • Brand new or experimental teams can try out their set onstage in a low pressure environment


                          • Post Show special - 10 minute set
                            • Reserved for an as needed basis for experienced or overflow shows

                          How long do I get to perform?

                          Our general rule is that brand new or fairly new groups will receive a 10 minute opening slot.

                          After your team has performed one or a few times and you would like a longer time slot, you can contact the Booking Coordinator and/or Artistic Director to request a time extension for future shows.

                          If you are an Experienced Team and would like to jump right into a 20-30 minute slot, please include an unedited video of one of your performances with your show request email. We will look at your team’s information and video and confirm your slot request after the review.

                          I want to get on stage, but I don’t think my team is ready. What can we do?

                          In your booking email, you can request a New Team Workout slot.

                          New Team Workouts can happen a few times each month, and offer a great space to get the feel of the stage with a smaller audience and lower-pressure feel. Since this is a slot after our standard show, some of the audience will have filtered out at that point leaving you with a more niche and intimate audience ready to support your new team or idea. This is a great way to work out format ideas.

                          Are there any exceptions to set time, show slot, etc?

                          We are willing to hear your exception requests and will review each one on a case-by-case basis, and depending on the severity of the exception will have to be reviewed by the Booking Coordinator, Operations Director, and/or Artistic Director.

                          Exceptions may be rare, but the more information you can provide (descriptions, video, etc) to us during your initial request, the easier it will be for us to review your needs.

                          An Exception Request, just like a Booking Request, will need to be confirmed by email before it is considered official.

                          Why are some teams performing a lot and my team isn’t?

                          They are constantly emailing their show requests to the Booking Coordinator.

                          While we do reach out to teams from time to time, we prefer that performance requests come from the teams. Therefore, a team that regularly email their requests to us will more regularly get a show slot.

                          Most teams do not perform more than once a month; however, if we get to know you and like what you are doing on stage, there may be opportunities to increase the frequency of performances.

                          You may also let us know you are available on short notice to fill in for cancellations.

                          I like/I don’t like this system, who do I talk to?

                          Please feel free to email the booking coordinator at with your suggestions or positive feedback.  Again, email is crucial to conveying your message accurately.

                          PIG is run by a dedicated group of volunteers (yes, volunteers).  We appreciate your constructive feedback and your active participation.