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$ 59.00


PIG Kickoff Auction


Auction  STARTS January 13, 2017 8:00 PM EST

ENDS January 23, 2017 11:45 PM EST

Several artists from within the PIG community have donated works in various media, all featuring pigs! 

Last year sucked. Start 2017 year off with good karma! Your winning bids help give performers a place to perform, teach improv, create real work for artists, and help PIG connect with all kinds of communities. In short, #PIGisagoodtime.

Providence Improv Guild (PIG)


The Providence Improv Guild is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization centered around Improv Comedy. We teach classes, maintain a stage, and develop work for local improv artists. We are a community run organization which relies on the tremendous talent, tenacity, and teamwork of our members to create a place where friends are found and connections are made.

PIG has become a place to go to see all your friends and laugh with them. #PIGisagoodtime has become our unofficial hashtag to highlight the fun we have while practicing our craft. Come see a show. Come be friends!

You can bid on these awesome items here:


Also check out our previous fundraiser:


Oh boy! That was a great video!

The Anniversary Show already happened on Saturday, June 18th. But you can still donate!

Since it's our fourth year of existence, we'd like to ask you to donate $4, $44, or $444 (or any amount you'd be willing to give). Your support will help us continue to bringing improv classes to people of all ages and abilities. We'll be able to improve our performance space and continue putting on the comedy shows you've come to love. Not that we always do comedy... because donating also helps us ensure that shows like Redrum can happen every year. Please give $4, $44, or $444 to keep PIG a good time. (#4forPIG)

Simply choose $4, $44, or $444 and "Add To Cart" below. Remember, the Providence Improv Guild is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so consult your tax professional about that. 

If you want to donate a custom amount, please use our PayPal donation page:


$ 4.00