5th Anniversary Press Release

Press Release:


Providence Improv Guild Turns Five Years Old, Acts Accordingly

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (August 2, 2017) The Providence Improv Guild (PIG) will celebrate its 5th anniversary with a party and fundraiser titled “PIG Revival: Re-engage, Re-activate, Re-entertain,” on Saturday August 26th at 7:30 pm at the SouthSide Community Center in Providence. The festivities will feature food,drinks, and a live, never-before-seen improvisational comedy show.. “The show is all about reconnecting folks with why they improvise and why they choose to be a part of PIG,” says Executive Director Melissa Bowler, “We’ve grown so much over these five years, and we want to honor the art that connects our community.”

PIG started with a few friends who wanted Providence to have its own improv school and stage. Over the past five years, it has grown to become a non-profit organization and comedy destination in Providence. “Here at PIG, we don’t just focus on teaching and practicing great improv comedy and theater arts, we also commit ourselves to supporting local artists and being active members of the community,” adds Jerrod Altmeier, President of PIG’s Board of Directors. PIG is a comedy school offering classes in improv and sketch, and also supports a network of artists who band together to create more paid opportunities in their art through teaching, performance, medical simulation, and administration. “Art and money don’t always seem to go together, but they should, and that’s why we work so hard to connect our community with opportunities to get experience and a paycheck,” said Jimmy Sorel, PIG’s Artistic Director.

PIG has also become a place for folks to make friends. “When I moved to Rhode Island in 2013, I didn’t know anyone else in the entire state, so I decided to take an improv class at PIG to meet some new people. Little did I know that I would soon be surrounded by the friendliest, funniest, most outgoing bunch of weirdos I’ve ever met! The love and support I feel in scene work is nothing compared to the love and support I feel off stage. Joining the PIG community was the best decision I’ve ever made,” commented Katie Bucher, PIG House Team Member.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate at “PIG Revival: Re-engage, Re-activate, Re-entertain.” Tickets are $20, which includes food and the show (cash bar). All donations to PIG are fully tax-deductible.


Melissa Bowler, Executive Director


(401) 241-9558