Group Game w/ Alan Sousa

Sunday, August 28 @ 10:00 AM

Group Game w/ Alan Sousa


Group scenes!

Do you hesitate on initiating them? Do you ever feel lost when you’re in one?? Do you want some juicy tips that aren’t steak related???

I’ve been working on these concepts since my first group scene workshop in 2015; making things simpler, tighter, and easier to digest. Please read on and bring your team to the next level...

Every improv group we see does group scenes. They can be some of the most fun to watch, and my personal favorite to play in.
When harnessed correctly, the energy and excitement (or whatever emotion) displayed in a group scene is straight up magic for the audience. "Oh my gosh, there's so many of them, and yet it's going so well!" - Audience

Often people get caught up making these scenes three on one, four on two, etc. Some people initiate a group scene, and make it a lecture instead. (becoming the teacher or boss character) This may work sometimes, but it puts the spotlight on one person. As that "teacher" you either have to do all the work, or get interrupted constantly by the rest of the restless "group".

This intensive will focus on

  • Initiating 
  • Breaking down the "gaggle".
  • Organic group scene starts
  • Managing multiple games within a group scene
  • Finding your own voice and individuality within in the group
  • How to share and shift the spotlight 

Do it together. It's WAY more fun.

    • Time: 10am to 1pm
    • Class size is limited to 16 students
    • Ages 16 and up
    • Pre-requisite: Level 1 grad or equivalent experience
    $ 40.00